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Specials run from 9/24 to 9/26!

**Limited while supplies lasts**
  • Wyld: Buy one, get one for $1 (100MG THC!)
  • Elyon: Buy 2 1/8ths get a single gram pre-roll for $1!
  • Lowell Farms: Buy a pre-roll pack, get a single pre-roll for $1!
  • KGB: Buy any KGB product, get a 0.7g pre-roll for $1!
  • Monterey Kush Co.: Buy Two 8ths, get an 8th of 707 Headband for Only $1!
  • Kanha: Buy Two 100mg Gummies, get another for $1!
  • Kings Garden: 1g Batter concentrate at only $18 a gram!
  • King rolls are back in stock!
  • Emerald Sky: Buy any pack of Emerald Sky Edibles, get a 10mg hard candy or PB cup for $1!
  • Stiiizy: All your favorite flavors fully restocked!
  • Legion: Buy any two carts, get a .5g cart for $1!
  • Raw Garden: Buy a cart, get a free battery!
  • Fizz Infused drinks only $5!
  • Habits Beverages back in stock: Only $10! (100mg THC)
  • Papa and Herb: $15 0.5g & $25 1g cartridges!
  • Kuda and Pacific Reserve pre-rolls only $4!
  • Kiva Lost Farms: Buy 2 LIVE RESIN gummies, get one for $1! (100mg THC!)
  • PLUS Gummies:Buy 1, Get 1 for $1
  • LEVEL: Buy ANY Protab Pack, Get a 3-Pack for $1
  • CHILL: Buy ANY Chill Bar, Get An Acai Dark Chocolate 100mg Bar for $1
  • CRESCO: Buy Two 0.5g Carts, Get 1 For $1
  • CENTURION: Buy 2 Carts, Get a 1g Cart for $1
  • Select Essentials: Buy 2 One-Gram Essential Carts, get one for only $1!
  • Select Elite: Buy 2 Select Elite Carts, get a matching cart for a $1!
  • Select Live: Buy 2 Select Live Carts, get a 0.5g cart for $1!
  • Select Squeeze: Buy 150mg Squeeze, get 100mg Nano Gummy for $1
  • Select Fresh: Buy a Fresh and Go Kit, get a .3G Fresh Cart for $1!
  • FaNinos: Hot Sauce 100mg Per Bottle, get a FREE non-medicated Hot Sauce
**Starting Saturday 9/18 **
  • House Brand 1/8ths at $15!(GG4, Blueberry Cookies,& Wedding Cake)
  • Moon 100mg gummies at $8 back in stock!
  • Jeeters back in stock!
  • Pacific Reserve 7g 10-packs back in stock!

Your wonderful weekend starts Friday!!