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Selfies: Buy one 12-pack, get a 2-pack for a penny!

Centurion: Buy any 2 carts, get a promo gram cart for $1!

Albert Einstone’s: Buy any El Blunto product, get an El Jointo for $1!

Puff: Buy 2 puff pre-rolls, get a Puff Chill for $.01!

Space Coyote: Buy any Space Coyote pre-roll, get one for $1!

Talking Trees: Buy any Talking Trees bubble hash or any SpaceGems pack, get a Talkling Trees has infused pre-roll for $1!

CaviarGold: Buy 2 Cavi cones, get a GoodDay Kush cavi cone for $1!

Glowing Buddha: Buy any pack of Glowing Buddha gummies, get a pack for $1; Buy any pack of Yummy Gummies get a pack for $1!

Cresco: Buy any Cresco cart, get one for $1!

Smokiez: Buy 2 Smokiez packs, get a Sour Jamberry 100mg pack for $1!

Legion of Bloom: Buy any cart, get a 0.5g cart for $1!

Big Pete’s: Buy any pack, get an 100mg single cookie for $1!

Kiva: Buy any pack of Terra edibles, get a Terra pack for $1!

Wyld: Buy 1 pack, get a promo pack for $1!

Good Stuff: Buy a Good Stuff tonic, get a Raspberry Lemonade 100mg for $1!

Habits Beverages back in stock! Only $10! (100mg THC)

Papa and Herb: $15 0.5g & $25 1g cartridges!

Kiva Lost Farms: Buy two LIVE RESIN gummies, get one for $1! (100mg THC!)

PLUS Gummies: Buy 1, Get 1 for $1

LEVEL: Buy ANY Pro-tab Pack, Get a 3-pack for $1!

Select: Buy any Select, get an 100mg Gummy for $1

FaNinos: Hot Sauce 100mg Per Bottle, get a FREE non-medicated Hot Sauce

We thought you should know!!..

Floracal 1/8ths $30!
Florcal 3.5g pre-roll packs now at $17!
Apex grams $16!
High Supply Blue Fire OG Live Sand $10 a gram!
Stiiizy Original Pods price drop!
($36-1g & $20 0.5g)

-Happy Holidays from your Alternatives Family