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Stiiizy: Buy two 1/8ths get a promo 1/8th for $1!

The Cure Company: Buy any two 1/8ths get a promo Bacio gelato 1/8th for $1!

Habit: Buy any 1000mg syrup tincture or two 100mg coolers get a promo 1000mg syrup tincture for $1!

Kanha: Buy any two gummies get a promo gummy for $1!

Optinot: Buy any Optinot product, get a promo tincture or lotion for $1!

Bangers: Buy two packs of pre-rolls, get a promo banger pack for $1!

SOG army: Buy any 1/8th get a promo pre-roll for $1!

Selfies: Buy any pack get a promo 2-pack for a penny!

Raw Garden: Buy any two 1G carts and get a promo cart for $1!

Monterey Kush Co.: Buy an 1/8th of Gushers x Mai Tai get a promo pre-roll pack for $1!

Snicklefritz: Buy an 1/8th of Bubba’s Wedding get a promo 2g promo for $1!

Cookies: Buy an 1/8th, a blunt 5-pack, or two single blunts, get a promo blunt for $1!

Wonderbrett: Buy any pack of gummies get a promo gummy for $1!

Cavi Cone: Buy two Cavi pre-rolls get a promo pre-roll for $1!

Puff: Buy two puffs, get a puff for $1!

Yada Yada: Buy any two yada yada, get a promo 2g for $1!

Glowing Buddha & Yummy: Buy two gummies, get a promo gummy for $1!

Legion: Buy any two legion carts, get a promo 0.5g cart for $1!

Beezle: Buy two 0.5g carts, get a special 0.5g for a $1! Buy two full gram cart, get a promo gram for $1!

Dompen: Buy two Dompens, get a promo Dompen for $1!

Mids Factory: Buy any two carts get 1 for $1!

Plus: Buy any two Plus Gummies, get a special gummy for $1!

Connected/Alien Labs: Buy any 1/8th or disposable get a promo 1g special PreRoll for $1!

Buy two 1/8th get a promo B-side 1/8th for $1!

Buy two full gram carts, get a promo cart for $1!

Buy any two disposables 0.5g, get a promo for $1!

FloraCal Carts: Buy a live resin cart get a battery! Buy any two carts get 1 for $1

Select: Buy any two 1G Live, get a 1G Live,

Buy any two 1G Elite, get a 1G Elite

Kwik: Buy any two kwiks, get 1 for $1

Kuda: Buy an 1/8 or a PreRoll pack, get a PreRoll for a Penny!


We Thought You Should Know!..

Habit Coolers Back in stock & only $10!

Floracal 3.5g at $30 and 7g at $60 !

Lift Ticket infused grams $25 each; 1/8ths at $70, and pre-roll 5-packs at $58!

Apex grams at $14!

Locals Only live grams at $18!

Everyday Dabs at $18 a gram!

Stiiizy Original Pods price drop!

($36-1g & $20 0.5g)

Valhalla gummies at $8!

Cannatrust and Bob brand 1/8ths at $10!

Bangers infused 0.5g preroll two packs for $10!